PTA President's Message

Hello Valentine Vikings!


On behalf of the Valentine Elementary PTA, we extend a warm welcome to our students and families to the 2023-2024 school year! 


This year is sure to have the same exciting, fun-filled events as well as impactful opportunities for our PTA to make for our students.  Valentine PTA thrives on our volunteer base and I am humbled to lead as your PTA President this year.  Valentine PTA is a most formidable group, one that holds my highest respects and friendships.  I am sure with the volunteer group we have, this year will be a wonderful time of community and contribution.


Valentine PTA has been a key partner to benefit the children, staff, and administration.  Each year PTA holds various events, fundraisers, performances, and programs throughout the entire year while finding creative ways to raise the necessary funds for allocations to support our school.  Every contribution given to the PTA stays at Valentine and every decision is made by the entire association.  This transparent collaboration is key to our success and we hope that all families come to our meetings to learn and join in all the work we do together.


W.L. Valentine Elementary School as part of the amazing San Marino School District has excelled in so many ways.  Our SMUSD has led in many measurable categories but has created an immeasurable supportive home for parents, students, teachers, administration, and community.  The environment for growth, progress, and prioritizing our children help create the foundation for Valentine and our SMUSD schools to bring the necessary programs and staff for excellence.


It is with pride and joy that all three of my children will be Valentine Viking alums! As I enter our tenth year at Valentine, I remember back to when my first, who starts 9th grade, entered the campus, when my second, entering 4th grade, started her viking years during COVID virtually, and now I get new memories as my youngest enters his Kindergarten year.  I am beyond grateful to all the Valentine village and encourage everyone to make the lasting memories through PTA!


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Thank you kindly and hope to see you soon at school!


Yay Vikings!!!

Carol Huang

Valentine PTA President, 2023-2024