PTA How To and Forms

Valentine Voice
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Bulletin Boards
The PTA and teachers decorate about 15 bulletin boards throughout the school. If you are interested in publicizing your event on a Bulletin Board, please contact the Bulletin Board Chair.
Use this link to guide you to the online payment option or the paper form for pre-purchasing lunches from the cafeteria. View the cafeteria menu.

Communication with Faculty and Staff
Communication with the faculty and staff can be conducted through written correspondence left in their mailboxes located in the hallway in the school office. For immediate, important reminders to faculty and staff, please e-mail the PTA President who will forward this information on to the Principal for her inclusion in her morning daily bulletin.
Communication with Students and Parents
Communication with students and parents can be done through the Valentine Weekly Update and/or Room Parent Representatives.  All communications must be approved prior to distribution by the PTA President and Principal.  Information pertaining to an event should be contained in the body of the publication and any forms should be attached for the parents to download, fill out and send back to school.

The Weekly Update
The Weekly Update is the PTA and school's means of communication with parents and is emailed to the Valentine community.  The Weekly Updates are emailed every Wednesday.  For the Weekly Update, please email your submission to the PTA President by 12 pm the Monday before the Wednesday Update.  All articles must be approved by the PTA President and the Principal prior to publication.

Room Parents 
Room Parents should be used for communication with parents sparingly.  For example, if you are short on volunteers and your event is within a week or you have a last minute change to a date or time etc.  You must submit your email to the PTA President who will then share with Room Parent Chairs for distribution.

Conference Room Reservations
The Valentine Conference Room ("VCR") and Little Theater ("LT") can be reserved for PTA-related meetings and events. Please check with the office staff to make the arrangements.
All contracts must signed by the PTA President. Please pass the original contract on, keeping a copy for yourself, to your President for processing.

Deposit Money
If you have collected money for your event, you must fill out a Cash Verification Form and contact the Financial Secretary to coordinate delivering monies to the Financial Secretary. Depending on the amount and the timeliness of pick up, you may be directed to place the money in her folder or in the drop box in the school office.  This form must be filled out fully, including signatures of all who have counted the proceeds.

Copying can be done on Tuesday mornings in the office at school. Please ask for help if you are unsure of how to use the machines. When using the Canon copier our code is currently 201617. All copies must be approved by the PTA President prior to making copies for PTA events.
This must be completed and on file with office prior to an adult being allowed to drive for a field trip.

Facility/Equipment Requests
If you need to use any Valentine facilities and or equipment, you must fill out a Facilities Use Permit. Please use the form at the bottom of this page: Facilities Use Permit Request Form. This form must be submitted WELL BEFORE THE DATE OF THE EVENT  to the PTA President. If you are using a food vendor- food truck or caterer- there are extra forms and insurance documents that you must secure from the vendor. Please email the PTA President for specific details. Be sure to include diagrams for the set-ups. 
If you have incurred an expense for an event or PTA related program, a fully-completed Payment Authorization Form ("PAF") should accompany all relevant receipt(s). You must receive approval from your Executive Committee Member (please refer to the Sign-Off Responsibilities form to determine which PTA chair must approve your expenditures) prior to spending. Turn in your completed forms with your receipts, a self-addressed and stamped envelope to your Executive Committee Member's folder (email them to let them know it is in their folder). Your Executive Committee Member will then send this to the Treasurer for payment. Your reimbursement check can be mailed to you or indicate that the check should be placed in your PTA folder.

Posters on Easels in the Circle
Before a poster goes up on the easel, please have it approved by the PTA President and Principal.
PTA Mail
Every PTA Committee Chair has a file folder in the PTA file drawer in the office duplicating room. Please check those folders periodically to make sure that you are receiving all of your incoming mail/communications.
PTA Supply Closet
The PTA has a supply closet located next to Room 15. The key can be obtained by contacting the First VP of Programs.  The selection of items available for your use is ever changing, but usually includes pens, calculators, paper, PTA stationary, cash boxes, etc. Also stored here are large water jugs and a wagon. Feel free to use the supplies in the closet, and please return all items neatly when you are done. When you have completed your event and need a place to store supplies, please box up the items, label the box, and place the box out of the way (not in the aisle or in front of the door) in the closet.
All items for publication in the San Marino Tribune need to be sent through our Publicity Chair. All articles are to be approved by the Principal and PTA President prior to handed on to the Publicity Chair.  Include with the picture a long and short caption, identifying the event, those in the picture, and any relevant information. The earlier the better!
Use this form to keep track of your volunteer hours over the whole year. The amount of hours we report is essential to our PTA and is a factor in to the Distinguished Schools Application.

Each chair has the responsibility to pass on their report and all records/files to the next year's Chair.  A copy of the report should be passed along to the VP of the program as well as the PTA President.