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Field Trips

Field Trips

Our students at Valentine Elementary in grades kindergarten through fifth have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational field trips each year. Field trips are an integral part of our instructional program providing students with first hand experience in the community related to their learning in all curriculum areas.

We believe that field trips provide unique opportunities for learning that are not available within the four walls of our classrooms. Our field trips are selected each year by our grade level teams around specific educational objectives for their grade level.  Each field trip is designed so that students can easily make connections between the concepts they are learning in the classroom and the hands-on learning opportunities available in the field trip experience.

Our field trips include both our students having the opportunity to visit locations within our community and hands-on learning experiences brought to our campus. 

During the 2011-2012 school year, our students will have the opportunity to experience all of the Field Trips listed below for their grade level!


             "Fancy Nancy" at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

              Petting Zoo from Danny's Farm in the Kindergarten Circle

             "Animal Guys" in the Little Theatre

             "Cabrillo Touch Tank" in the Kindergarten Circle

             Bubble-mania in the Little Theatre and Patio


First Grade

            "Scales and Slime" Performance in the Little Theatre

             Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

             "Junie B. Jones" in the Beckman Auditorium at the California Institute of Technology

             "Patriotic Program" at Lacy Park

             "Seeds and Sprouts" at The Huntington Library


Second Grade

            "Whales" in the Little Theatre

            "Discover Plants" at the  The Huntington Library

            "Marcus Eriksen Dinosaurs" in the Little Theatre

            "Catch the Rays" in the Little Theatre

            "Animal Guys" in the Little Theatre


Third Grade

            "Feather Fun" Performance in the Little Theatre

            "Seussical" at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

            "Journeys to the Past" by Jacque Nunez in the Little Theatre

            Old Mill Tour in San Marino

             Mobile Planetarium in the Little Theatre

             "Discover Art" at the The Huntington Library


Fourth Grade

            "What's for Lunch?" Performance in The Little Theatre

            "Island of Blue Dolphins" Science exploration in the Little Theatre

            "Rockin' Geology" in the Little Theatre

            "Lotta Crabtree, Goldrush" in the Little Theatre

            "History Brought to Life, Goldrush" in the Little Theatre

            "Magnets are Magnificent" in the Little Theatre

            "John and Juan" by David Prather in the Little Theatre


Fifth Grade

            Griffith Observatory

            Descanso Gardens

            "History Brought to Life, Paul Revere" in the Little Theatre

            Reagan Library, Air Force 1, Discovery Program

            "Star Spangled Poetry" by David Prather in the Little Theatre

            "Ben Franklin International Print Museum" in the Little Theatre