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The first ten years of life are the years of peak curiosity.

These are the years when children form habits of thinking that will live with them for the rest of their lives. This is when they form their view of the world. This is the opportunity to nurture each child’s burning curiosity, guide them as they explore their world, and ensure they develop the most important skill of all: the ability to figure things out for themselves.


Most adults don’t realize how inaccessible knowledge is to children.

For these critical ten years of their lives, any time a child wonders something all they can do is ask grownups: parents or other adult family members at home, and teachers at school. Most questions that children ask, grownups simply don’t know how to answer. How does a magnet stick to a fridge? Can animals get sunburn? Why do some people have different accents?

Answering these questions—and thousands more—in a truly engaging way is hard, and it takes time and knowledge (of facts and pedagogy) that most adults don’t have at the tip of their tongues, and answers you find via Google or on Wikipedia aren’t made for kids.


We’re building the missing internet for children.

There are 1 billion children in the world today—and we’re making it possible for them to explore any question they have, wherever they are. We’re collecting questions children ask and creating video explanations for all of them—not just Why questions, but also How questions—step-by-step guides for anything they want to do. We think this will be the most important learning tool ever created for children.

Through the use of Mystery Science our ultimate purpose is to ensure the next generation of children grow up and see that it’s an amazing world we live in, full of possibility and wonder—and that they develop the ability to engage in the Sciences as adults!