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The Valentine Student Council is a student run group consisting of 4th and 5th graders. There are two different councils per year. They write a letter of intent in August and the Student Council Advisor makes the selection.

There are three components of the council. First, to develop school spirit and pride. The student council plans fun dress days, for example, hat day, grade level color day, flip flop day, wacky hair day and sports/team day. The council also encourages the school to wear their Valentine clothing on Fridays. The second component is "fun"raising. The student council sells Jamba Juice once a month. Jamba Juice gives back 20% of the proceeds to Valentine School. They have also sold Smencils and Red Ribbons. The third component is community service. Depending of the needs these projects have varied. Some projects have been collecting Healthy Snacks for the 112th Street School/Urban Compass in Los Angeles. The students collected of games/books for CHLA for need families. The students decorated paper plate mats for the kids at CHLA to eat off of. The students have collected change for the 112th Street School to buy outside equipment and to start a school garden. Pasadena Humane's Society benefited from a collection of old towels and food for dogs and cats. A couple of years ago the council collected clothes for the people who were effected from the Station Fire.