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Bike Safety Message from the SMPD

A Bicycle Safety Message for Parents and Students from the San Marino Police Department

First of all I want to thank the students and the parent volunteers for participating in the recent Bicycle Rodeo at Carver and Valentine Schools.  The students were enthusiastic and very skillful riders.  To  the parent volunteers your help was amazing.  We could not have been able to have such a successful program without each one of you. 


Following the Rodeo and after receiving an email a few issues have come up for discussion concerning the safe riding of a bicycle here in Town.  On streets in San Marino, primarily Huntington Drive, posted signs prohibit riding a bicycle, skateboard or wheeled vehicle on the sidewalk.  The California Vehicle Code does not specifically prohibit riding bicycles on sidewalks but the rider must exercise caution while riding on a sidewalk where pedestrians are present.  A good suggestion is that if a student chooses to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk the get off the bicycle and walk the bike around pedestrians.  This is especially true near our schools due to the number of people walking to and from school.  


When any bicyclist chooses to ride their bicycle in the street they are subject to the same rules and privileges as a driver of a motor vehicle.  This includes riding their bicycles in the same direction as traffic, signaling turns and stopping at posted intersections.  Over the past week I have noticed a few of our bicyclists riding against the flow of traffic and turning in front of vehicles without signaling or ensuring it is safe.  Overall, most of the students are riding in a very safe manner.  Parents please take the time to ensure your child’s bicycle helmet is the correct size and is properly fitted to their head.  I want to emphasize that your child should be wearing a bicycle helmet and not something manufactured for other sports.  At the Rodeo we noticed several helmets that were not the proper size or fit.  IF the helmet is not the correct size or worn properly it will not protect them from a fall. 


To all the parents dropping off your children the last 10 minutes before school.  Please do not rush, be patient and safe.  We have observed parents stopping in traffic lanes and having their children exit the car to get to school on time.  Please pull to the curb and drop them off or wait for the drop off zone to be available at your school.  Working together we can ensure that all of the student bicyclist have a safe and enjoyable time riding their bikes. 



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Any questions please contact the Department at (626) 300-0720


John N. Incontro

Chief of Police 

San Marino Police Department

San Marino, Ca 91108

(626) 300-0721


“Pride in Service”

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