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Volunteer Picture Badges

Starting Monday, January 13, all volunteers will begin wearing their new permanent badges. Please see the following instructions and allow a little more time to sign in the first time.

Please sign in as usual with the date, time, and your name.
You will notice that there are now more columns to fill in. Please check the column that indicates that you have picked up a badge.
Find your badge in the drawers below the counter. They are filed alphabetically by last name. Wear your badge while you are on campus.
If you do not have a personal badge to wear, please ask the front desk personnel to give you a borrowed volunteer badge. These badges are numbered; you will need to enter that badge number in the appropriate column.
Please wear your badge while you are on campus.
After your volunteer assignment is over, please return to the office. Check the column that indicates you have returned the badge to its assigned location, fill in the time you are leaving and the number of hours that you volunteered.
If you have borrowed a badge, please return it to the front desk personnel, after you have completed signing out.
Thank you for your help with our new procedures...and as always thank you for volunteering.