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Valentine Reflections Winners

Valentine Reflections Winners 

The Showcase Event for the National PTA Reflections Contest was a success!  All San Marino District submissions were on display at the district office for visitors and families to enjoy.  We have so many talented young artists in our schools!    

Winners by category are as follows: 
Primary Visual Arts:  Olivia Wang 1st, Selene Yung 2nd, Luke Chapman 3rd
Intermediate Visual Arts:  Max Xiao 1st, Tiffany Louie 2nd, Purvaja Balaji 3rd
Primary Photography:  Jayan Anvekar 1st, Zoe Christodoulou 2nd, Aya Rosen 3rd
Intermediate Visual Arts:  Alexis Anvekar 1st, Sam Howell 2nd, Matthew Lamb 3rd
Primary Literature: Jack Deneen 1st, Aya Rosen 2nd, Thomas Vandenburg 3rd
Intermediate Literature:  Dalton Deneen 1st, Angel Chenevert 2nd, Elizabeth Surman 3rd
Primary Music Composition:  Katherine Lamb 1st, Olivia Wang 2nd, Luke Aloe 3rd
Intermediate Music Composition:  Alison Norton 1st
Intermediate Film Production:  Ella Graham 1st, William Graham 2nd
Primary Dance/Choreography:  Megan Diaz 1st
Intermediate Photography Special Artist:  Dominic Aloe 1st

There were 40 entries in all from Valentine students.  First place winners were judged along side Carver's first place winners to narrow down one first place winner for San Marino Elementary Schools.  Valentine Students won first place overall in 10 of the 11 categories.  Those 10 entries will be passed on to the next level in the National Competition.  Great job to all of our young artists!

Reflections Parents:  We have put all the Valentine artwork on display in the windows of the Little Theater.  We want all the students and staff to be able to enjoy viewing the art for a few months.  Thanks for being patient.  You will be able to pick up your child's artwork and ribbons soon.