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Full-Day Kindergarten Fever

The Kindergarten Team is fired up about our full-day program next year.  Time is truly a gift, when it comes to learning.  We look forward to the additional opportunities for learning that our full day program will provide our students.The Kindergarten teachers are doing extensive research with the goal of implementing some of the most current educational practices available.  The Carver and Valentine teachers are collaborating with administrators in the creation of a carefully developed and well-structured academic program.  The new program will include a rich and broad base of routines and experiences that are meant to lead students towards greater gains in social development and a higher ability to work independently. 

The teachers at Valentine and Carver have met several times to ensure equality and uniformity between the two Kindergarten programs.  Both schools are working on the adoption of a more current supplemental math curriculum using the Kindergarten Saxon Math Program. Our School Board approved the use of these supplemental materials in May. This curriculum includes a technology piece that sharpens math problem solving skills. 

The Kindergarten literacy program is no longer “one size fits all.”  Students are taught reading and writing skills that are tailored to their diverse abilities and readiness. 

Our teachers are excited to have more hours in the school day to utilize the latest Visual and Performing Arts program provided by our generous community. 

The Kindergarten classrooms are being renovated this summer with state of the art technology that modernizes learning and achievement.  Thank you to our Valentine families who are helping to spread the positive word about the exciting transformation of our Kindergarten program next year.