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Talk It Out, Rock It Out! Tomorrow - April 19th

A "Talk it out" is a problem-solving process that's easy to remember. It consists of the following steps:


Step One: Get Together   Step Two: Take Turns Talking and Listening.   Step Three: What Will Help?  Step 4: Choose a Plan. Step 5: Do It!


Valentine students are invited to visit the booth to cool off with a Popsicle, learn more about "Talk it Outs," and to register for a chance to win an In-N-Out Burger gift certificate.


For more information on "Talk it outs," go to TeacherVision: http://www.teachervision.fen.com/classroom-management/lesson-plan/2990.html#ixzz1oYW5WIhi 


Troop 13411 participants include Rachel Altman, Brooke Brody, Rachel Chen, Meg Mordecai, Carina Park and Caroline Voxman.  The troop leader leading this initiative is Victoria Mordecai.