Valentine Elementary - Best Public School!

Valentine Elementary: Best Public School 

by: Aura Wang

Are you having trouble finding a school to go to? Then start picturing a wonderful library with many books. Outside, a wonderful playground with a huge grassy area perfect for running around. Also, a STEM lab filled loads of room for experiments. Well, that's Valentine Elementary School!

Good Faculty

A  good school calls for good faculty, right?! Well, Valentine’s teachers are very well trained. According to “Valentine Elementary School,” it rates the teachers an A+. The teachers at Valentine care about their students’ grades, and what they know. As you can see, the teachers at Valentine are well trained to help every student.

Different Classes

Are you looking for a school with different subjects (Math, Language Arts, Science, & Social Studies?) Valentine Elementary has different classes such as art, music, library, and P.E! As a result, instead of sitting in a classroom for the whole day, students can have breaks and be more focused in class. Valentine Elementary offers different classes that help students be more successful in their grades. 

The Outdoors

Are you getting bored during recess? Well, I can help! Valentine’s outdoor equipment is perfectly made to have fun. If students would prefer to play sports at recess they’re in luck, because we have handball courts, basketball courts, tetherball, and even a huge grassy area perfect for a little football game. We also provide a sandbox and playgrounds. As you can see, Valentine Elementary has perfect equipment for kids of all ages to have fun. 

In conclusion, Valentine Elementary is the perfect place for kids to learn and have fun. We offer amazing faculty, different classes, and best of all, the blacktop. They have many things that you didn’t even know about. So, let’s start enrolling for Valentine ELementary School!