Virtual May Day Celebration

Our fabulous PE teacher, Laura Pollard, and PE assistant, Wes Gonzalez, prepared the kindergarten class for the filming of the annual chicken dance with "The Chicken."  Mr. Dave Pierce has played the part of the chicken for many years in the cherished May Day celebration at Valentine.  
Each year May Day has had a different theme. Jeanne Lipps and Miss Pollard would decide a theme, then Miss Pollard would create the dances, one for each grade level. Mr. Pierce would dress up as the Emcee according to the theme. One year, Miss Pollard chose to do the Chicken Dance with 1st grade. It was a hit so it became a tradition. A few years later, the Chicken Dance was assigned to Kindergarten mainly because Miss Pollard didn't teach Kindergarten at that time so it was difficult to teach them a new dance and practice with them each year. It was a hit with Kindergarten! So much so that at the end of May Day, Mr. Pierce would invite the parents and the other students, to join in with Kindergarten during a second round of the dance!  
One year, the theme was All About Chickens. That year Mr. Pierce dressed up like a chicken. We decided that he would be The Chicken from then on. Mr. Pierce has been the Emcee for almost 30 years! 
Enjoy the video!