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Welcome to Room 2 and to the world of Speech and Language! There are so many areas that relate to this world and it is exciting to be working with children who have so many different needs. Articulation is just one part of this world.  In the recent past, Speech and Language has expanded to include receptive and expressive language skills, communicating with augmentative communication devices, social skills, fluency (stuttering) and voice therapy.

Children are seen in a number of settings (playground, Room 2 or the general ed. classroom) in groups or individually, depending on their specific needs as written in their Individual Education Plan (IEP).
I have been working in the field of speech and language for over 20 years and have worked at Valentine for the last 14 years.  I love it here and still pinch myself to see if the job I have is real.
The parental support is amazing and the children are all very special.

I have an awesome husband named Chuck, who graduated from San Marino High School and my children, Buddy (age 24) and Lindsey (21) also graduated from SMHS, so we know and have been involved in the district in many ways over the years.

Our family has a cat, named Phat Boy, who is 19 pounds and who is a favorite of many of the students.
I hope you will feel welcome enough to drop by or send me an e-mail with any question you may have.
Communication is power and in room 2 and we are learning how to use it effectively!