Welcome to the New School Year

Hello Parents,
It was so good to see you last night at Back-to-School night.  I hope I didn't overwhelm you with too much information.  Please contact me via email if there are any questions or concerns.  I look forward to a great year with your child and, based on our first week of school, it will be exciting.  
Every week I will try to give you an idea of what we did in class and where we are going the following week. 
This week we finished three lessons in math touching on counting, subtracting and time.  On Friday we played a math game that focused on differences (subtracting).    In social studies we laid the groundwork on where in the world we live.  The students made pyramids and they all learned what street they lived on.
Next week we have our first art lab on Tuesday from 9-10 and our first Second Step session on Tuesday as well.  We will continue in math with lessons 1.4-1.7 and will start learning the focus points in ELA.  
Have a great weekend.  Please encourage your child to read on the weekends as well as the week days.  
All my best,
Mrs. Van Hiel