Parent Student Handbook » Traffic Flow and Pick-Up Procedures

Traffic Flow and Pick-Up Procedures

Please follow the procedures listed below to ensure the children’s safety
  1. Only the Kindergarten Circle, Huntington Drive parking lot, and Virginia Road parking lot are supervised drop-off/pick-up areas.  The Sherwood area is not approved or monitored. In order to evenly distribute the number of vehicles and to prevent back-ups on Huntington Drive, use of the parking lots is as follows:
    • Kindergarten Circle is for use by kindergarten students and siblings in the morning and afternoon.  All other students must be dropped off and picked up at the Virginia Road or Huntington Drive lot.
    • Huntington Drive Lot is available only to those vehicles picking up only ONE student.  Traffic through this lot must move quickly to avoid any back-up on Huntington Drive. Vehicles using the Huntington Drive Lot should:
      1. approach from east-bound Huntington Drive;
      2. avoid Virginia Road, which will have its own pick-up line; and,
      3. not make U-turns from west-bound Huntington Drive into the parking lot.
    • Virginia Road Lot is available to those vehicles picking up two or more students.  Drivers using the Virginia Road lot must enter from the north-bound lane.  There is no left turn into the lot within 15 minutes before or after pick-up and drop-off times.  DO NOT make a U-turn on Virginia Road.  (This is highly dangerous because of the crosswalks and the amount of traffic.)
  2. Please arrive on time.
    • There is no drop-off permitted prior to 8:15 A.M. for Grades K-5.
    • Children dropped off after 8:30 A.M. must go to the office for a late arrival slip before going to class
    • Vehicles arriving for 4th and 5th graders prior to 2:40 P.M. must find legal parking or circle around the block to get in the later pick-up line.
  3. There is only one traffic lane circling through the Huntington Drive lot  pick-up/drop-off area.  Do not create a second lane nor attempt to pass other cars unless directed to do so.
  4. Always pull as far forward as possible and stay close to the yellow curbs and poles so that other cars may get around your vehicle if necessary.
  5. Children must always enter or exit from the passenger side of the vehicle.
  6. Drivers should never exit or leave their cars while in the traffic lane.  If your children are not in the designated area when you arrive for pick-up, you must find legal parking before leaving your car to look for them.
  7. If you intend to walk your student to the gate or drop off items for your student, you must find legal parking – do not leave cars in the Kindergarten Circle or red curb areas for any period of time.
  8. No drop-off or pick-up except in designated areas.  Children may not exit or enter cars in any red curb area, between other cars, or within 25 feet of any exit at any time.  This is for their safety!!! Children must wait for pick-up in designated areas on the benches.
  9. Safety in the children’s pick-up and drop-off areas requires each driver’s full attention.  No cell phone use is permitted in any of the drop-off/pick-up lots or circles.
  10. Out of consideration for others in line, children should unload quickly and move immediately to the area behind the yellow curb or poles.  At afternoon pick-up, students should be sitting on the student benches, watching for their vehicles and ready to load quickly.  Vehicles must always move out immediately.
  11. Children walking home via Sherwood Road should leave the school via the gate only immediately upon dismissal without interfering with P.E. classes in session.  At no time should younger children wait in the unsupervised areas by Sherwood for older siblings or friends.
  12. Parking is available along Huntington Drive and Virginia Road.  Visitor spaces marked for short-term parent parking are available in the Huntington Drive lot.
  1. Children should cross at Huntington Drive or Roanoke Road, where there is a crossing guard (never in the middle of the street).  At the Kindergarten Circle, please make sure that drivers see you before crossing, and never walk in the driving area of the circle.
  2. Walkways into the school grounds are available at both the north and south side of the Virginia Road parking lot.  Children must never walk or ride across the entrance or exit to the parking lot.
  3. Bicycles and scooters may be ridden to school only by 4th and 5th graders at the beginning of the school year.  This privilege is extended to 3rd graders after they successfully complete the traffic safety course given after the school year begins.
  4. No bikes, scooters, or skateboards may be ridden on school grounds at any time.  This includes during sporting events, on weekends, afternoon or in the evenings.
  5. All bikes must be locked at the bike racks.  Scooters can either be secured to the bike racks or can be kept in a backpack.
*Virginia Road Parking Lot for Carpools only
**Huntington Drive Parking Lot for Single riders only
***TK/Kindergarten Circle for Kindergarten students & siblings only for pick-up.