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Parent/ School Communications

Classroom interruptions can be very disruptive for the teacher and the children.  If your child forgets a lunch, homework, or any other needed item, please leave the item - clearly marked with the child’s name and room number - on the blue table outside the school office before the morning recess. Please instruct your child to always check the table for items they have forgotten during the morning recess period.  If the child does not find the item on the table, he or she may go to the Health Office and call you.
All Adults on campus between 8:15 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. must register in the office.
Valentine is a closed campus during the time that students are present from 8:15 AM- 2:50 PM each day. Only students and staff are to enter and remain on campus during this time. Entry to the campus for visitors is limited to adults with prearranged appointments or scheduled volunteer opportunities. All visitors must wear at all times an approved ID badge. All entry to our campus must be made at our office gate.
Parent visitations to the classroom should be limited to 20-30 minutes.  Please contact your classroom teacher at least 24 hours prior to your visit. All visits must be approved by the principal. Appointments for parent/teacher conferences may also be made at anytime during the year.
Parent Volunteers are very important at Valentine.  Please remember to sign in and out in the Volunteer Log maintained in the Valentine Office.  This sign in and sign out log is important so parents may be located and accounted for in an emergency. Volunteers must also wear their Volunteer ID badge.
Announcements and notices from the School, PTA, and other organizations are sent home on via e-mail on Wednesdays.  To sign up for the Valentine Weekly Update, the weekly e-mail message of current Valentine events and information, click here.  This is the most important way to keep advised of school activities and the only way we contact you in case of a school or district emergency.
Valentine Web Site:   Please check the Valentine web site and the District web site for up-dated information.  The District posts the following information on their site:  Notice of Rights of Parent or Guardians of Minor Pupils Under Certain Education Code Sections, California Education Code Parental Notification Requirements, Students Use of Technology, Emergency Procedures and Disaster Preparedness, State of California Attendance Funding Letter, Student Accident Insurance, Annual Notification of Application of Pesticides, Student Injuries and Insurance Letter, and Media Letter.  The Valentine web site contains the cafeteria menu, the Handbook, a constantly up-dated calendar, and many other items of interest. (