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Parent Student Handbook » Medication Policy

Medication Policy

Medication Policy

The following principles and procedures will be followed when a parent requests that a student be permitted to take medication at school.  “Medication” is considered both a physician’s prescription or over the counter items such as cough drops, pain relievers, or other nostrums.

  1. The administration of medication to students shall be done only in exceptional circumstances wherein the child's health may be jeopardized without it and only when such administration has been requested and approved by the student's parents and physician.
  2. Students requiring medications at school shall be identified to the school by parents and physician.  Students observed by school personnel administering medications to themselves will be reported to the principal and their parents.
  3. All medications (prescriptions and over the counter items) must be delivered to the school office by an adult.  All medications for students must be kept in the health office.  Students may not carry medication on their person or keep it in their desks or backpacks unless specific written permission from the parents and the prescribing physician is on file in the Health Office.
  4. A written statement shall be required of:
    • The prescribing physician, who shall indicate the necessity for the medication being given to the student during school hours, and the method, amount and schedules for medication.
    • The parent, who shall request and authorize the designated school personnel to give medication in the dosage prescribed by the physician. 
  5. All medications brought to the office to be administered to a student must be in the original, labeled container with the name and telephone number of the pharmacy, the student's identification, name of the physician, and dosage of the medication to be given.
  6. Form letters to parents and physicians designed to facilitate these procedures are available in the school office and are to be completed on an annual basis.  To open and print a Physician’s Recommendation for Medication form click here.
  7. Any change in the dosage or type of medication given must be authorized in writing by a physician.
  8. A list of students needing medication during school hours, including the type of medication, times, and dosage, will be maintained at the local school in the administrative or health office.  This list is to be reviewed and updated periodically by the District Health Coordinator.
  9. Under no circumstances are school personnel to provide/administer over the counter medicines or nostrums to students without first obtaining written consent from the parent and physician. 
  10. At the end of the year parents must claim any medication remaining at school or it will be disposed of by the school.

 If you need a medication form Click Here