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School Safety

Closed Campus
Valentine Elementary School is a closed campus during the hours that students are on our campus and before school begins. Our gates are locked from 6:30 AM- 2:50 PM. Entrance is limited to the front gate by the office. Please push the intercom button at the front gate, clearly announce your name and purpose of your visit. All parents and community members must be on a visitor/volunteer list for the day in order to be granted entrance to the campus or have previously notified us that they are coming to our campus to pick up their child(ren) for an excused early release from school. Items being delivered to students should be placed on the blue table outside of the gate. Parents or visitors will not be allowed on campus to deliver items or lunches to backpacks or classrooms- please leave those items on the blue table outside the gate.
The office gate will be open from 8:15-8:30 AM for students only to enter. Kindergarten and TK students may also enter at the kindergarten circle gate. Staff will be in attendance at both gates to greet students.
Bicycle safety is an utmost concern for all of us.  A Bicycle Safety Day for third grade and new 4th and 5th grade students will be held after school begins. Detailed instructions will be given to students and parents regarding bicycle rules for our campus.  Bicycles may be used as a form of transportation by children in grades 3, 4 and 5 provided they have a lock.  Bicycles must be parked and locked in the designated bike area.  Bicycles may not be ridden on the school grounds including in the school corridors, on sidewalks around the school, in the parking lot, or on the playground.  Bikes must be walked to and from the bike racks, on all school sidewalks, playgrounds, parking lots and corridors. All children must wear a helmet when riding to or from school.
Scooters:  Scooters may be ridden to and from school only.  They may not be ridden on the school grounds.  Scooters must either be stored inside a backpack or locked to the bike rack during the school day.  They may not be stored inside the classroom.  Only the person to whom the scooter belongs may use it for transport back and forth to school.  Students using scooters are strongly encouraged to wear protective gear (especially helmets) as serious injury is quite possible.  Scooters used in an unsafe manner or contrary to school rules will be confiscated and will be returned only to the student’s parents.  Scooters may not be ridden in the school corridors, on sidewalks around the school, in the parking lot, or on the playground.
Pedestrian safety is also a great concern for all of us.  Children should walk on the sidewalk, use the crosswalks, and look ALL ways when crossing the street.  The school has crossing guards at the intersections of Huntington Drive and Virginia Road, Virginia and Roanoke Roads, Huntington Drive and Cambridge Road, and Huntington Drive and West Drive.  The crossing guards are on duty 1/2 hour before and after school. 
Skateboards and roller blades may not be brought to school at any time. No skateboarding or roller blading is allowed on school property at any time.  Students are not encouraged to ride skateboards to and from school even if they have an off-site place to store them during school hours.
Parent driving requires extraordinary caution around the campus.  Momentary distraction can result in disaster.  Please do not use cell phones in or around our parking lots and pick-up areas.
Appropriate school dress is expected at all times. Students are expected to dress in a safe, healthy and appropriate manner.  School is a formal learning environment and attire should reflect a professional mindset. Athletic shoes or other closed-toe, closed-heel, securely fastened flat-soled shoes must be worn at school at all times.  Sandals of any kind, backless shoes, shoes with in-appropriate/unsafe heels, or shoes with cleats are inappropriate and may not be worn.  No hats are allowed in the classroom, but hats and other sun-protective clothes are allowed for outside activities.  T-shirts with advertisements about cigarettes, beer, alcohol or other substances are inappropriate school attire and may not be worn.