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Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy
Parents and students need to be aware that according to California law and the San Marino School District discipline policy there are certain actions which require suspension and police notification and may lead to expulsion.  Among these actions are:
  • Causing, attempting to cause or threatening physical injury to another person.  In any physical confrontation, all students will be suspended regardless of “who started it.”
  • Possessing, sale or otherwise furnishing of any gun, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object or any facsimile of any of these objects (i.e., firearms, knives of any kind including pocket and Boy Scout knives, firecrackers, lighters, matches etc.).
  • Possession, use, sale, furnishing or being under the influence of any controlled substances (i.e., tobacco, drugs, alcohol or intoxicants).
  • Offering, arranging, or negotiating sales of any controlled substances
Students may be suspended/expelled if any of these acts are committed
  • Committing robbery or extortion.
  • Causing or attempting damage to school property/private property.
  • Stealing or attempting to steal school property/private property.
  • Committing an obscene act or using habitual profanity/vulgarity.
  • Offering or negotiating sale of drug paraphernalia.
  • Disrupting school activities; defying authority.
  • Causing, attempting to cause, or threatening to cause “hate” violence
  • Intentional engagement in harassment, threats, or intimidation
Students may be suspended/expelled if any of the preceding acts are committed under any of the following situations:
  • While on school grounds.
  • While going to or coming from school.
  • During the lunch period whether or not on campus.
  • During, or while going to or coming from, a school sponsored activity.
Working as a team with parents and teachers, administrative representatives will generally follow one or more of the following procedures:
  • Discuss the incident and counsel the student
  • Detain the student during the school day
  • Inform the parent of the nature of the problem, seek parental input, and communicate any consequences applied due to the misbehavior
  • Conference with parent(s).  Students may sometimes be included in these conferences.
  • Suspend the child for a period of 1-5 days.  In extreme cases, expulsion may be required.